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Group Ordering - READ before ordering

This is our group ordering page. It is to help schools, teams, groups and other organizations collect orders and payments easier when selling gear. 

Group Ordering does not work like an ecommerce website like Etsy or Amazon.

All orders are processed after the webstore have closed. This way we can order all the items in bulk and keep the prices low.

How does Group Ordering Work?

1) A web store url with your product is created

2) The webstore is live for a dedicated time (for example the month of October)

3) During that time frame, we will collect orders.

4) At the end of the time frame, the orders are tallied in bulk and placed at one time. Orders purchased at the beginning of the timeline will get their orders after the webstore is closed and items are printed.

5) Once the orders are all printed, we deliver them to the organization's main contact to distribute. We do not ship individual orders at this time.